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Including our current Hong Kong partners, the GSIHK welcomes international institutions to join forces in providing the world with better research.

Hong Kong Global Research Council

The flagship research project is a cross-disciplinary research project that seeks to provide insight into the city’s future role in an increasingly tumultuous and polarized geopolitical landscape.

Political Stability Index

Modern issues require modern solutions. In the world where economists alone can’t fully evaluate risks, our political scientists and data scientists provide alternative solutions to better discern risks.

Public Research

Our research branch provides commentaries on the global political economy, published through the Glocal HK. Topics range from global energy market to ESG, and many more.

GSI In The News

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Global Studies Institute Hong Kong
Global Studies Institute in Hong Kong (GSI, 香港國際問題研究所) is an independent research provider that promotes global studies in Hong Kong and devotes to serve the Greater China region through scholarly research, events, and a variety of publications. Our high-quality research and our convening force generate discovery, innovation and practical solutions to today’s challenges. The institute is initiated by more than forty local and overseas scholars and is staffed by noted specialists. Contact us for the full list of academics associated with the GSI.
Key Persons
Our greatest asset is our diverse team of academics and professionals that bring together international and local expertise and networks.

Dr. Simon Shen

Simon is an associate professor at the Faculty of Social Science of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Associate Director at the International Affairs Research Centre of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies.

DPhil (Oxford)
MA (Yale)
BA (Yale)

Tom Tsz Hin Wan

Wan Tsz Hin is the research director in European politics at GSI and the deputy editor at The Glocal, the media arm of the GSI. He is also a partner of Eidelberg Lee IT Solutions Inc. An artificial Intelligence solutions provider which works closely with gSIHK.  

BA (Hull)

Dr Chan Wai Shun, Wilson

Dr. Wilson CHAN is the founding Secretary-General of Global Studies Institute (Hong Kong) and a Lecturer of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Received his academic training in the UK and Hong Kong, his research interests focus on Geopolitics, Port Diplomacy, European Foreign Policy, Chinese Foreign Policy and External Relations of Hong Kong. Apart from academic research, Mr. Chan is an active consultant and public intellectual invited by local and regional media on global affairs and European politics.

DPhil (Lancaster)
MPhil, BSSc (CUHK)

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As the global political economy becomes increasingly complex, we produce research that provides insight into critical global topics-- from ASEAN economic development to green finance to blockchain technology policy impact --- to the public and private sector.
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